We create

With the mission to bring forward differentiated concepts and strategies that unfolds the full potential of the project. We like to be the problem solvers and advisors if you have a need for a different kind of solution.

We shape

With the belief that architecture is an act of connectivity – seeing architecture as sets of relations, responses, and performances. We believe that this open and adaptable approach brings out customized, informed, and encouraging designs.

We improve

With well crafted, resilient projects bespoke to your needs.

With the acknowledgement that architecture is an accumulation of knowledge, improving the situation


– with the future in mind.

We love what we do and are completely enthused by it. We love to make things better

– that is why we are creators; we are makers, designers, and architects.

Not for ourselves but for the sheer joy of making something great for others!

We do it

– for the love of it!

Every project has its different stories, how it was made, the everyday use, the problems that were solved…


– will it get built?

“Our thinking, making, and doing is all about architecture.

We do it – because architecture can be a promise for a better life and a brighter future.”

We are always searching for new projects, partners, and collaborators to expand the repertoire, by developing, reformulating, discovering, and inventing – to gain new ground and stay fresh!


Do you have a potential project, or want to discuss a potential collaboration? Don’t be a stranger! We love to hear about your ambitions.

“To think, then act is our approach, to understand, then conclude is our way

– Success is not on the side of the biggest army, but of the best shot.”

Our firm belief is that architecture is the historic embodiment and manifestation of our society, traditionally seen as an accumulation of all buildings and projects


– contemporary architecture at its best, responds to the ongoing societal processes seeing architecture as an accumulation of knowledge, trying to improve the situation – with the future in mind.

“Architecture is all about attitude, how you engage with the given situation.

You look, you see – then offer your scoop.”

Grahl-Madsen Arkitektur

+ 47 900 11 019

Bergen, Norway